Complete your insurance qualifications through ARTG and achieve success.


ARTG is an INSETA-accredited provider.

ARTG is an QCTO-accredited provider.


  • Learners can meet the FSB qualification requirement in only 12 months.
  • Learners will be keen to attend because an insurance qualification will open doors to positions with greater financial rewards and it will increase their employability.
  • Unlike other programs, ARTG provides a Blended Learning approach that results in very high completion and pass rates.
  • ARTG’s Blended Learning assists employees every step of the way to complete the program successfully and achieve a qualification.
  • Our exceptionally high pass rates give you an outstanding ROI on your investment in learning.


All the learning materials needed are easily available for download from the ARTG Learning Site onto learner tablets, smartphones or laptops, or learners can access them directly on our Learning Site. Learners need regular access to the internet to get the most benefit from the program.

The ARTG Learning Site provides:

Learner Guides, articles and reports to assist in understanding the unit standards and making the link to current issues in the industry.
Online tutorial sessions with the ARTG Tutor to assist in successfully completing the assessments.
A Chat room to help learners stay in touch and get help from their study group.
An easy way to access the ARTG Learning Coordinator and Tutor for your program.


Learners complete this structured self-study program on an anywhere/ anytime basis which means that there is very little impact at work. Learners study when it suits them best.

Learners are part of an in-house study group and get help from that group to successfully complete the qualification.

Each Block in the program includes tutorial sessions to assist in completing the workplace projects and preparing for the summative assessment.

Learners complete a Block at a time and then bank those unit standards, building up their credits until they have all they need for their qualification.

Apart from the support from colleagues on the program learners also get support from:

An ARTG Learning Coordinator who will help them make it through to the end by keeping in touch on a regular basis and encouraging them in your studies. The Learning Coordinator will also assist in sorting out any difficulties learners may have, and will help in getting expert advice from our Tutor.
An ARTG Tutor who will assist learners in understanding the learning material and in completing the projects they must submit for assessment. The Tutor uses regular tutorial sessions to help prepare for the summative assessment for each Block.