A new program from ARTG to help employees complete their insurance qualification.



  • ARTG’s GAP Report helps employees establish exactly what they still need to complete their qualification.
  • Each employee develops their own curriculum using their own GAP Report.
  • No lengthy time away from work in a training room as employees study in their own time.
  • Employees don’t get frustrated as they work at their own pace, not the pace of the slowest person in the group.
  • Employees get extensive expert support throughout their program. This builds very high pass rates and makes ARTG’s Gap Program an outstanding investment of the training Rand.
  • ARTG makes smart use of technology that assists employees every step of the way to complete the program successfully and achieve a qualification.


Learners access their learning materials on the ARTG Learning Site. Learners download their materials onto their desktop, laptop, tablet and large screen smartphones to assist with Anywhere-Anytime learning.
Learner Guides, articles and reports to assist in understanding the unit standards and making the link to current issues in the industry.
A live Chat room to help learners stay in touch and get help from their study group.
A Discussion Forum for each unit standard available 24/7 where questions can be posted. Our tutors monitor these on a daily basis to provide answers to learner queries.


Learners complete an online GAP Report to identify what they still need to complete their qualification.

Using the GAP Report learners then create their own timetable and reserve a place in the small study group for each unit standard.

Learners attend two tutorial sessions for each unit standard. Tutorial One unpacks the most difficult concepts in the unit standard. Tutorial Two prepares learners for the Formative Assessment.

The tutorial sessions are a maximum of one hour and are completed online at a convenient time to minimise impact on work.

Summative Assessments are scheduled every quarter. Learners are provided with mock Summative Assessmements to assist in preparing for their own Summative Assessment. They also get additional guidance from their tutor in the weeks leading up to the Summative Assessment.

The program provides for a further remedial assessment for both the Formative and Summative Assessments if needed by any learner.

ARTG provides a Statement of Results to each learner after the Summative Assessment every quarter. This enables them to build up their credits on a step by step basis until they complete their qualification.