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The recognition of skills development as a basic condition of employment and strategic driver for transformation in the workplace is reflected in recent amendments to the South African suite of human resource development legislation, national strategies and policies. The White Paper of 2014 (WP-PSET) outlined an integrated Post School Education and Training System to produce skills that meet workplace and National demand for critical and scarce skills across all occupational levels but more particularly employability of youth to enter the workplace or become self-employed. These amendments have extended the reach of the Skills Development Act 97 of 1998 (“SDA”) and elevated skills development to a strategic imperative to achieving national-, sectoral and organisational objectives. The Department of Higher Education and Training, Department of Labour and the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) are aligning legislative frameworks to support the integration of education and training with national economic and human resource development priorities – the scene is set to connect the dots between organisational development and the legislative framework via the Skills Development Act.




Skills Development as a B-BBEE priority element has been elevated as an enabler to transformation and human resources development strategy. Targeted Skills Development Solutions is not only a strategy to improve your BEE score, but it also allows your business to build a workforce that support your business strategy and objectives. No matter in what industry you are, if you want to compete in the fourth industrial revolution and grow at the same time, you need to ensure that your workforce continue to develop and learn new skills, simultaneously planning for your future skills needs.

  • Do your organisational skills allow you to meet your business objectives, transformation- and succession plans?
  • Are you considering skills development solutions for your current and future workforce?
  • Do you know how to solve your critical and scarce skills needs?

ARTG skills development consulting services are designed to maximise the effect of training and development in your organisation. Talk to us about our strategic skills planning in line with your particular skills needs. We follow a collaborative approach, partnering with each client to develop bespoke skills development solutions that meet critical and scarce skills needs for your current and future workforce, supporting you!



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